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On us

Who we are

We have talented, enthusiastic and ethical people at UL, who enjoy the responsibility of powering our mission to work for a safer, more secure and sustainable world. From our beginnings in Chicago at the World’s Columbian Exposition more than 125 years ago to our international operations today, UL remains the global safety science leader because our people stand together, rallied around our mission. 

Our diverse employees lend their unique cultural and generational perspectives to each other and to the work they perform, providing key insights into the communities we serve across the globe. Our people embrace diversity and inclusion because, as scientists and engineers, we understand that a diverse company is stronger and more resilient.  

Where we are

With offices and locations spanning more than 40 countries and 230 locations, UL has stayed relevant by continuing to test the cutting-edge technologies of our time, wherever those technologies arise. Although we are a global company, we maintain a local approach wherever we operate, providing customer service in local languages and nurturing the critical governmental and regulatory relationships that allow us to keep abreast of changing trends and offer greater efficiencies to our customers.

What we do

Our mission never ends, even as the scope of our business grows across industries. Through our services and offerings, we help ensure better products reach the global marketplace — and that means helping more people stay safe and secure as the world advances.

125 years of making the world a safer place

UL was founded in 1894. For more than 125 years, we’ve been committed to pure scientific research, innovative testing and trusted validations. We foster the types of positive, collaborative relationships that help bring solutions to life, ensuring our sustainable progress as a society. We’ve adapted to meet the needs of every generation we’ve served, and we will continue to transform to best contribute to the needs of generations to come. Long before the concept of sustainability became commonplace, we were working passionately to help secure the safety of people in every environment. As the world continues to present new challenges and problems to solve, we will continue to put the well-being of all people, our planet and its prosperity at the forefront of everything we do.